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Samsung will share findings in the coming weeks on why the Galaxy Note7 exploded

By Cookie Monster - on 14 Oct 2016, 2:00am

Samsung will share findings in the coming weeks on why the Galaxy Note7 exploded

While Samsung is still in close discussions with telcos on how consumers can go about the exchange or refund, the company wants to assure everyone that it is conducting a thorough investigation on what went wrong with the replaced Galaxy Note7 units.

The South Korean company halted global sales of the Galaxy Note7 and subsequently ended production of the device, but it did not provide any information on the cause(s). The New York Times claimed that Samsung was unable to reproduce the explosions in its internal testing and the battery might not be the main problem. 

An earlier report by Bloomberg last month shifted the blame to Samsung executives who were eager to launch the Galaxy Note7 ahead of the iPhone 7. Dr. Mark Johnson, an associate professor of Operations Management from Warwick Business School, also reached out to us with a similar conclusion stating that Samsung could have rushed through several critical testing stages. 

Another theory claims that Samsung engineers tweaked the processor of the Galaxy Note7 to speed up charging. The battery could not handle the load and exploded. Well, we just have to wait for Samsung's statement on this. Here's the full statement from a Samsung spokesperson to Business Insider: 

"The replacement phones have batteries from a separate and different supplier than the original Note 7 devices. We’re currently conducting a thorough investigation, and it would be premature to speculate on outcomes. We will share more information in the coming weeks.”

Source: Business Insider 

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