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Samsung unveils two-way satellite connectivity for smartphones

By Cookie Monster - on 24 Feb 2023, 1:00am

Samsung unveils two-way satellite connectivity for smartphones

Image source: Samsung

Samsung just announced it has secured standardised 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) modem technology for two-way communication between smartphones and satellites.

The South Korean company says it has developed and simulated the 5G NTN standard-based satellite technology using its Exynos Modem 5300 reference platform. It believes the technology can support two-way text messaging, high-definition image and video sharing on future Exynos modems.

NTN communication uses satellites and other non-terrestrial vehicles to bring connectivity to regions that were previously unreachable by terrestrial networks. These regions include mountains, deserts or in the middle of oceans. If this technology sounds familiar, it is also used by Apple for its Emergency SOS via Satellite feature on the iPhone 14.

Looking ahead, Samsung plans to secure a standardised NB-IoT NTN technology for use in its next-generation modem platforms. With NB-IoT solutions, there is no need for a separate high-power wireless antenna chip in smartphones which in turn offers greater design flexibility.

Source: Samsung

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