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Samsung unveils Tizen Store, available in 182 countries with 25 apps at launch

By Cookie Monster - on 4 May 2015, 12:34pm

Samsung unveils Tizen Store, available in 182 countries with 25 apps at launch

Image source: Tizen Store 

Samsung has finally opened the doors to its Tizen Store and inviting developers to start building apps for the mobile platform.

At launch, the Tizen Store has 25 apps spread across four categories (games, apps to plan new resolutions, photography and EA games). Of the 25 apps, 14 of them are gaming while photography takes second spot with 6 apps. 

There is currently only one device that supports the Tizen Store which is the Samsung Z1. Announced last June, the Samsung Z1 is now only sold in India and Bangladesh. Samsung initially wanted to launch the Z1 and other Tizen-powered smartphones in more markets, but things did not turn out as planned. 

Tizen OS had come a long way; Samsung first announced plans to merge its homegrown Bada OS with Tizen in January 2012 and momentum for the mobile platform had been slow.

In recent months, Samsung has released several Tizen-powered devices such as smart TVs and wearables such as the Gear S and Gear Fit. Despite the slow momentum, Samsung is still going ahead with its plans for Tizen. 

The Wall Street Journal - For the time being, Samsung isn’t offering any clues about its larger designs. It only confirmed in a statement that the Tizen Store can now be accessed in 182 countries, adding that “our plan for Tizen smarthones has not changed since the launch of the Z1.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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