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Samsung unveils the industry's first 14nm LPDDR5X DRAM

By Cookie Monster - on 10 Nov 2021, 10:09am

Samsung unveils the industry's first 14nm LPDDR5X DRAM

Image source: Samsung

Samsung just announced the industry's first 14nm based 16Gb LPDDR5X DRAM.

According to Samsung, the LPDDR5X DRAM delivers data processing speeds of up to 8.5Gbps and consumes about 20% less power than LPDDR5 memory. It also enables up to 64GB per memory package to accommodate the increasing demand for higher-capacity mobile DRAM.

The company believes its LPDDR5X DRAM will accelerate further growth in high-speed data service applications such as 5G, AI, and the metaverse. The LPDDR5X DRAM will serve as a key foundation to expand the world of digital reality when Samsung collaborates with global chipset makers later this year. 

Source: Samsung

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