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Samsung Unpacked 2022 event will also be held in the metaverse, because why not?

By Liu Hongzuo - on 8 Feb 2022, 2:15pm

Samsung Unpacked 2022 event will also be held in the metaverse, because why not?

Samsung's hosting Galaxy Unpacked 2022 in Decentraland.

The metaverse has been nothing short of attention-grabbing, given its potential to recreate or improve upon real-world experiences. This is keenly felt with how physical interactions can be a real pain in the neck to carry out these days.

To that end, Samsung is also hosting its 9 February 2022 Galaxy Unpacked announcement in Decentraland, a blockchain-powered virtual space for digital interactions and assets (i.e. one of many metaverses). This new venue is in addition to Samsung’s usual digital channels for announcements, like YouTube.

Samsung said that its Unpacked 2022 event in the Decentraland metaverse lets users collect NFT badges and limited wearables for their digital avatars, although that’s limited to users with a Decentraland account linked to a MetaMask crypto wallet.

Samsung’s 837X building (in the metaverse) will also host quests and live performances, on top of its ever-changing experience centre within the digital building.

Instructions on how to enter Decentraland and Samsung 837X to attend Unpacked can be found here. In a nutshell, you’ll need a compatible desktop web browser, and a Decentraland account with a MetaMask wallet linked. Be sure to keep your crypto wallet safe, since it’ll contain your Samsung NFTs.

Source: Samsung via 9to5Google

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