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Samsung tried to bribe Note7 user to keep exploding phone video private

By Cookie Monster - on 19 Oct 2016, 6:17am

Samsung tried to bribe Note7 user to keep exploding phone video private

Samsung's trust crisis in China is likely to deteriorate after a Galaxy Note7 user claimed that the Korean company tried to bribe him to keep his video of the burning phone private.

According to the New York Times, 23-year-old Mr. Zhang Sitong was saving a contact number on his Galaxy Note7 when it started to vibrate and smoke. He threw the phone to the ground and asked his friend to start filming. 

Mr. Zhang claimed that Samsung employees approached him later in the day with a replacement Galaxy Note7 and offered US$900 in compensation on the condition that the video be kept private. He refused the offer.

New York Times - “They said there was no problem with the phones in China. That’s why I bought a Samsung,” said Mr. Zhang, a 23-year-old former firefighter. “This is an issue of deception. They are cheating Chinese consumers.”

This is the second purported incident which Samsung employees tried to cover up problems with the Galaxy Note7. One user in Kentucky, U.S told WKYT News that he received an internal message exchange between Samsung employees on their intention to "slow him down"

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has slammed Samsung for its discriminatory policy on the Galaxy Note7. Before the second recall and halt in sales of the Galaxy Note7, Samsung initially assured Chinese consumers that their devices were safe to use yet consumers in other countries were getting replacement and compensation options. 

Source: New York Times via Gizmodo 

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