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Samsung on track to mass produce consumer MicroLED TVs this year

By Ng Chong Seng - on 11 Mar 2020, 3:25pm

Samsung looks on track to mass produce consumer MicroLED TVs this year

As I reported earlier this year, Samsung is preparing to ship MicroLED TVs for home use in the second half of 2020. The plan seems to be moving along nicely as there’s now a Digitimes report that details the latest progress made by Samsung’s chip partners.

Citing industry sources in other reports, Digitimes says Samsung’s main MicroLED chip partner is Epistar, Taiwan’s largest LED manufacturer. Apparently, Epistar will be working with Taiwan-based PlayNitride (in which Epistar is an investor) to supply the chips. This makes sense as PlayNitride has indicated last year when it was raising funds that it's ready to produce its chips in volume sometime in 2020.

More importantly, Digitimes says PlayNitride is about to dramatically increase its output to 10,000 wafers a month, up from the 1,000 it managed in Q4 2019, which suggests that the company has made further gains in its production yield. (For what it’s worth, the word is that PlayNitride’s chips are what’s used in this 75-inch MicroLED prototype we saw last year.)

Xiamen, China-based San’an Optoelectronics is said to be Samsung’s other MicroLED chip supplier. Again, this isn’t a huge surprise as the company has been supplying the chips for Samsung’s existing The Wall MicroLED displays. But San’an has also been developing smaller and denser MicroLED chips, and these are likely going to the ones used in Samsung’s smaller B2C MicroLED TVs.

To recap, Samsung has confirmed at this year’s CES that its first MicroLED lineup will come in six screen sizes: 192 inches, 150 inches, 110 inches, 93 inches, 88 inches and 75 inches. For the smaller consumer TVs (under 100 inches), their size will be fixed, which means customers won't be able to add more MicroLED panels down the road to make the TV bigger.

Source: Digitimes.

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