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Samsung says its QLED TV is the world’s first TV to support FreeSync Premium

By Ng Chong Seng - on 9 Jun 2020, 9:26pm

Samsung says its QLED TV is the world’s first TV to support FreeSync Premium

The Q950T is Samsung's flagship QLED 8K TV for 2020. (Image: Samsung.)

Samsung seems to enjoy making infographics to explain the features of its products. And the latest to drop in the Samsung Newsroom is one that illustrates the gaming features on its QLED TVs.

If you followed HWZ long enough, you probably have heard most of them, such as the 2020 models’ support for HDMI 2.1, 4K @ 120Hz, ALLM and eARC. And for gaming, long-time features such as Dynamic Black Equaliser and Game Motion Plus, and new ones like this year’s QLED TVs’ 9.8ms low input lag.

But there’s one thing in the infographic that caught my eye: FreeSync Premium. We know that Samsung’s QLED TVs have supported FreeSync for a few years now (and chasing G-Sync certification at the moment), but FreeSync Premium?

One of the things many may not know about FreeSync is that it now comes in different tiers. There’s the standard FreeSync that promises tear-free and low-latency gaming but there’s also a FreeSync Premium that AMD just introduced this Jan at CES. FreeSync Premium is baseline FreeSync with two additional requirements: at least 120Hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution and low framerate compensation (LFC).

120Hz refresh rate and LFC aren’t exactly news if you know about FreeSync 2 (more on that in a bit) — but the latter is seldom mentioned in the same breath with TVs. In a nutshell, LFC uses adaptive sync to make a low framerate run smoothly by displaying frames in a multiple (two, three, even four times). This keeps the content synced to the display at a refresh rate it supports (48Hz and above, in the case of Samsung TVs' FreeSync Ultimate mode); and since FreeSync is still activated, there’s no judder. AMD said in Jan there are over 300 monitors that support FreeSync Premium — and Samsung is now saying it’s the first TV that supports this tier.

But here's the thing: FreeSync Premium isn't an exclusive for Samsung's 2020 TVs; it's also available on most of the company's 2019 models. Samsung is essentially highlighting its FreeSync feature again in light of AMD's new branding. You can see a list of FreeSync-capable TVs here.

And for what it’s worth, FreeSync Premium isn’t the highest tier. That belongs to FreeSync Premium Pro, which is basically a rebranded FreeSync 2 HDR. This Pro tier has even more stringent colour and brightness requirements because it includes HDR capabilities.

(Image: Samsung.)

Source: Samsung.

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