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Samsung said to be ready for mass production of third-gen 4nm chips

By Cookie Monster - on 15 Mar 2023, 12:00am

Samsung said to be ready for mass production of third-gen 4nm chips

Samsung is the first chip manufacturer to produce 3nm chips.<br>Image source: Samsung.

Samsung is reportedly ready to begin mass production of its third-generation 4nm chips.

Business Korea reports that Samsung managed to stabilise the production yield and was able to increase  performance and power efficiency of the third-generation 4nm chips. This is drastically different from the early production stages of the first-generation 4nm chips where Samsung struggled with poor yields and lost Qualcomm to TSMC.

Industry sources told Business Korea that Samsung's 4nm process yield is estimated to be 60%, which is still below the 70 - 80% yield range of TSMC. Nonetheless, Samsung is making great progress in resolving the technical issues and could match TSMC in a matter of time.

Samsung scored a win over TSMC in July 2022 when it became the first chip maker to produce 3nm chips. TSMC was only able to start mass production of 3nm chips in late December 2022. Apple's upcoming M3 and A17 chips are expected to be built on TSMC's 2nd-generation 3nm process.

Source: Business Korea

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