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Samsung’s US-based customers can now self-repair certain devices

By Ken Wong - on 3 Aug 2022, 11:45am

Samsung’s US-based customers can now self-repair certain devices

Right now only a limited number of devices and repairs are available. Image source: Samsung.

In an announcement, Samsung has announced the roll-out of Samsung Self-Repair for customers in the United States.

According to the announcement, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and the Galaxy Tab S7+ family of products can now purchase genuine device parts and repair tools through their partners like iFixit.

Currently, device owners can replace their screens, back glass, and charging ports. Samsung added that the company plans to expand the self-repair programme to more device and repair options from their product portfolio.

Prices range from US$66.99 for parts like the USB-C charging port and back cover, to US$167.99 for the screen and battery for the Galaxy S20 and S21. Repairs to the Galaxy Tab S7 will be correspondingly more expensive as it’s a larger device. Repair guides for the different devices are available online.

Repair kits also include a return label to ship back broken parts back to Samsung where they’ll be recycled.

Apple launched its own repair programme in April but device owners need to pay an additional fee to rent a repair kit. Google launched their own also in April and in partnership with iFixit as well.

With more governments requiring smartphone manufacturers to provide self-repair options, and with apple and Samsung promising to roll their programmes out to more countries, we should hopefully be able to try to repair our own devices here.

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