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Samsung’s new QLED 8K TVs are certified by the 8K Association

By Ng Chong Seng - on 6 Mar 2020, 9:14am

Samsung’s new QLED 8K TVs are certified by the 8K Association

(Image: 8K Association.)

Yesterday we learned that Samsung’s flagship Q950 QLED TV is the first 8K TV to come with Wi-Fi 6 support. One other thing that I forgot to mention at CES is that since Samsung is a founding member of the 8K Association (8KA), its upcoming 8K TVs will be certified by the cross-industry group.

In broad strokes, the 8KA is formed to help develop the 8K ecosystem, which includes promoting 8K TVs and 8K content to consumers and professionals and educating them about the new format. The organisation also has its own certification program, with tests that 8K TVs have to pass before they can use the new 8KA logo.

(Image: Samsung.)

Other than the obvious 7,680 x 4,320 pixels requirement, there are tech specs related to bit depth, frame rate, chroma sub-sampling, peak brightness, black level, colour gamut, white point, HDR and codec support that participating 8K TVs have to meet. Minimum peak brightness of 600 nits, HDMI 2.1 and HEVC support are just the basics.

Now frankly speaking, I don't know of anyone who has bought a TV just because it carried a certain logo. That said, I think this 8KA logo will at least create the impression that its bearer meets certain quality standards, and is not a TV with a third-rate panel or poor processing. We're still in the early days of 8K, and if history tells us anything, you can expect a 'real 8K vs. fake 8K' debate coming down the road.

As of January 2020, 22 companies have joined the 8K Association. Other notable members include Intel, Tencent, Panasonic, AU Optronics, Hisense and TCL.

Source: Samsung, 8KA.

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