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Samsung’s HDR10+ Adaptive tech will make HDR10+ content look good regardless of lighting conditions

By Ng Chong Seng - on 31 Dec 2020, 9:20am

Samsung’s HDR10+ Adaptive tech will make HDR10+ content look good regardless of lighting conditions

(Image: Samsung.)

Samsung has announced today that it’s adding a new HDR10+ Adaptive feature to its QLED TVs.

In a nutshell, HDR10+ Adaptive takes a dynamic metadata HDR10+ picture and adjusts it based on the room's lighting conditions. And the ambient light info comes from the light sensor that’s on the TV. Dolby Vision has a similar implementation called Dolby Vision IQ and you can find it on select LG and Panasonic TVs.


While viewing HDR content is typically optimal in a darkened environment, customers’ viewing environments may vary greatly depending on a wide array of factors, including room lighting, time of day, and proximity to windows. The HDR10+ Adaptive feature supports dynamic scene-by-scene optimization, following guidelines from the HDR10+ LLC, and can now adjust to any room lighting condition, further enhancing the HDR experience. This feature utilizes the TV’s light sensor and ensures that the screen brings to life the creative intent without any loss of details or contrast.

Samsung says HDR10+ Adaptive also works with Filmmaker Mode, a picture mode that TV makers and studios agreed on to preserve the cinematic look of movies and TV shows. The premise of Filmmaker Mode is to avoid unnecessary processing that will destroy the film look (e.g., motion smoothing) but it makes sense that HDR10+ Adaptive works here so that viewers still get a high picture quality even if the room is bright.

Regarding content, all Prime Video HDR content will be automatically delivered in HDR10+ and they will work with Filmmaker Mode and HDR10+ Adaptive on compatible QLED TVs. Samsung confirms HDR10+ Adaptive will launch globally with its 2021 QLED TVs, but there’s no mention if it can be enabled on the company's 2020 sets.

Source: Samsung.

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