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Samsung’s Bespoke Home vision launches with new appliances and modular designs

By Ken Wong - on 11 May 2021, 11:57pm

Samsung’s Bespoke Home vision launches with new appliances and modular designs

Will you be buying into Samsung's Bespoke Home vision?

JaeSeung Lee, President of Samsung Digital Appliances, kicked off their Bespoke Home 2021 by saying how Samsung wanted to change our home experience by having the way our appliances work change as well. The appliances won’t be making their way to us in Singapore anytime soon as they will be launching in the United States and Europe in the second half of this year.

One of the new exclusive collections for the Bespoke Fridge.

The first showcased product was their Bespoke fridge that the company had launched during CES in January. Now, Samsung was bringing more colours and partnerships with artists based in France and New York and a European design firm to add artwork and unique colours for the fridge.

Since this was a Bespoke Home event, there was no shortage of appliances, both new and reimagined, for the home. Unfortunately, Samsung wasn’t very forthcoming with details like specifications and pricing so we will have to come back to this when we receive more information.

Small and quiet enough to go anywhere.

First was the Bespoke Cube Refrigerator. It is smart enough to adjust the temperature internally depending on what is inside. It is also quiet enough to be put in a bedroom or beside a sofa.

The Bespoke Jet will come in three colours.

The Bespoke Jet is a standing vacuum cleaner that comes with a Clean Station with Samsung’s patented Air Pulse dust emptying technology, and a charging station attached as an all-in-one cleaning solution. Once done vacuuming, the user simply docks the vacuum and it’ll empty and charge on its own. This will come in three colours when it launches.

Take proper care of your clothes.

The Bespoke AirDresser delivers a range of clothing care solutions based on air and steam to care for your garments. It will be available in three colours when it ships.

Clean and remove any smells from your shoes.

Similar to the AirDresser, the Bespoke ShoeDresser cares for your shoes so they feel fresh after each wear. The unit deodorizes, dehumidifies, and dries shoes based on their material and shape, and Samsung says it can even take care of material like suede.

Breathe easy with the Bespoke Air Purifier.

Finally, the Bespoke Air Purifier draws air from five directions to clean and filter the air even when used in large spaces. It will come in different designs and colours.

Samsung is also launching numerous Smart Things apps that will link to the different appliances allowing the user to modify the way that they use them. We will however need to try the apps with the appliances firsthand before we can say how well they work together.

We'll be sure to update this space when we get word of local availability and other details. For now, most of them seem to be headed first to Europe and the USA.

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