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Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs are here, and they’re brighter and better than ever

By Zachary Chan - on 10 May 2018, 7:27pm

2018 QLED

Samsung has just updated their entire lineup of QLED TV series for 2018. For a quick recap, QLED is Samsung’s TV display technology that was designed to compete with OLED. You can read up on our initial deep dive here.

The 2018 QLED TVs still carry pretty much all the same benefits as last year’s models—DCI-P3 100% color volume, Ultra HD Premium certification (HDR 10 support with up to  2,000 nits brightness)—and essentially replaces the existing models in the same three series: the flat screen Q7F and Q9F, and the curved Q8C.

Q9F Exclusive Upgrades:

  • Direct Full Array backlighting – The flagship 2018 Q9F TV will feature full array backlighting. Unlike traditional LED backlighting methods, a direct full array backlighting panel has multiple smart backlighting zones that can automatically adjust and control individual light units, making the Q9F the only QLED TV capable to delivering pixel-level lighting precision for deeper blacks, purer whites and proper dynamic contrast throughout the whole screen. Despite the full array backlighting, the Q9F is still as thin as its 2017 predecessor and that's quite a feat.

  • Ultra Black Elite – In addition to Direct Full Array backlighting, the Q9F also features a special anti-reflection coating across the whole screen that further enhances contrast levels, while drastically reducing reflection and glare.


What’s new across the QLED Series:

  • HDR10+ - Not just limited to QLED TVs, the entire range of 2018 TVs from QLED, to Premium UHD to UHD will be updated to support HDR10+ standards. HDR10+ is basically an extension of the HDR10 standard with added support for dynamic metadata. What this essentially means is that a HDR10+ TV would be able to dynamically tweak its brightness performance to better match the content, on a frame-by-frame basis. Of course, you would also need HDR10+ encoded content for this to work. Luckily, most major studios and streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and 20th Century Fox are onboard. 

  • Q Engine – An updated image processor from 2017’s QLED Processor, with more powerful image data analysis, plus faster and more precise tuning, Q Engine is available on all three 2018 QLED TV series (Q7F, Q9F, Q8C).

  • One Invisible Connection 2.0 – All 2018 QLED TVs will feature an updated slim cable that connects the TV with the One Connect box. One Invisible Connection 2.0 essentially combines both the data and power cable into a single cable. It is also available up to 15 meters long, to give consumers more freedom in TV and TV box placement around the room.

  • Magic Screen – Samsung is a really big proponent that your TV shouldn't be a black hole in your living room, especially with the size of TVs today. Magic Screen is a chameleon effect that’s designed to mimic its background surroundings so that it blends into the wall behind it. From what we understand, there is an app for this, which will walk you through the process, which means you’ll have to shoot the background with your phone and then the TV uses it as a background. It cannot automatically detect your wall design and blend in on its own. Now that would really be magic. As part of Samsung’s Ambient Mode offering, Magic Screen can also display images like a clock, or weather updates. And yes, this means keeping your TV on 24/7.


New Premium UHD and UHD TV lineup

Besides the QLED TV series, Samsung has also updated their more wallet-friendly Premium UHD and UHD TV series as well. The 2018 Premium UHD and UHD 4K TVs will all have support for HDR 10+, and feature Smart TV enhancements as well as cleaner cable solutions.


Audio solutions and Sound bars

With the new TVs, Samsung's also got updated audio and sound bar products to match their new TV designs. The HW-N650 offers a sweet spot design for both movies and gaming. It is tuned by Samsung Audio Lab in California and features a unique Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology that helps to focus and direct sound for a virtual 5.1 surround sound effect. There's also news of a HW-N950, which is a Dolby Atmos sound bar that delivers 7.1.4 surround sound, but pricing and availability would only be able in July 2018.

Here are the prices and availability of the entire 2018 QLED, Premium UHD, UHD and Audio products: