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Samsung Reveals Wi-Fi-Enabled Cameras - Updated!

By Hafeez Sim - on 18 Apr 2012, 8:00pm

Samsung Reveals Wi-Fi-Enabled Cameras

With photo-sharing gaining worldwide traction, Samsung has responded with three Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, the WB850F, WB150F, and ST200F. With Samsung's SMART Wi-Fi technology, it is easier and less time-intensive to share and save images.

Samsung WB850F (Image Source: Samsung)

Samsung's new WB850F camera is more than just an imaging device. Announced at CES 2012, the Wi-Fi enabled camera makes full use of its wireless feature with its Auto Backup function, which transfers images to the hard drive wirelessly. The device also comes with Instant Sharing, which lets you share the photos through email or social networks. Similar to most existing cloud services, the WB850F will also synchronize pictures to other devices concurrently.

For its specifications, the WB850F comes with a 21x optical zoom, and a 16-megapixel backside illuminated sensor. The latter should be particularly useful for low light conditions, with its reduced image noise and distortion. And if that isn't sufficient, you can fall back on its integrated flash to get the job done. The WB850F also has a GPS chipset within, and coupled with its Live Landmark feature, the device will geotag your images with information related to your location.

Samsung WB150F (Image Source: Samsung)

The WB150F sports a 18x optical super zoom and a 14.2 megapixel sensor. It also features Full Manual Control setting, optical image stabilization, Live Panorama mode and is capable of 720/30p HD recording.

Samsung ST200F (Image Source: Samsung)

The ST200F has a 10x optical zoom lens and a 16 megapixel sensor. It also features instant in-camera editing, optical image stabilization and Live Panorama mode. It is also capable of 720/30p HD recording.

Source: Samsung via Dpreview


Pricing and Availability
  Price (S$) Launch Date Available Colors
WB850F $599 May 2012 Black
WB150F $399 Mar 2012 Black, White
ST200F $299 end Mar 2012 Black, Purple, Red, Silver


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