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Samsung reveals its plans and partners on extended reality devices

By Cookie Monster - on 3 Feb 2023, 12:00am

Samsung reveals its plans and partners on extended reality devices

Samsung Gear VR with Controller.

While Samsung is pushing mobile experiences to new heights with the new Galaxy S23 series, it is also working on extended reality (XR) products and experiences.

TM Roh, the president and head of Samsung's mobile experience division, revealed to The Washington Post that the company's first XR device will be powered by a Qualcomm chip and Google's Android platform.

Roh added Samsung will have service partnerships with Meta and Microsoft as the company thinks a strong ecosystem is critical for the success of the product.

This isn't the first time that Samsung is investing in XR technologies which include virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. In 2017, Samsung announced it had shipped more than five million Gear VR devices.

The South Korean company unveiled the first Gear VR in 2014 alongside the Galaxy Note 4. In 2015, Samsung released the Gear VR Innovator Edition for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which was later refined and sold as the Gear VR for a more affordable price point in November. In 2016, it unveiled the Gear 360 which is a portable camera for creating immersive VR videos and stills. It also has the second-gen Gear VR with improved comfort and wider field of view. 

Source: The Washington Post via Android Authority

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