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Samsung is opening Bixby up to developers

By James Lu - on 8 Nov 2018, 5:01am

Samsung is opening Bixby up to developers

Samsung was a little late to the game with Bixby, it's AI-powered voice assistant, which launched with the Galaxy S8 last year, but they've done a lot to catch up since then. Bixby is now available in Samsung's phones, fridges, TVs, tablets, watches and the upcoming Galaxy Home speaker, and Samsung has big plans to expand Bixby's reach even further. According to Samsung Executive VP, Eui-Suk Chung, by 2020 all Samsung devices will be AI-connected through Bixby. 

Starting today, Samsung is also going to start letting developers develop their own apps and services for Bixby, and other hardware companies will be able to build the voice assistant into their products, too.

To make development for Bixby easy, Samsung is releasing the Bixby Developer Studio, which contains the same development tools Samsung uses itself. "It's way ahead of the other guys, and it’s not even close" said Viv Labs CEO (and also co-founder of Siri) Dag Kittlaus.

Part of what makes the Developer Studio so advanced is that it can auto-generate code for you. Samsung showed this off onstage by creating a reservation system for a trip to Jupiter. Kittlaus demonstrated this by creating a new "capsule", telling the studio what he wanted to do (book a trip to Jupitor) and defining a few simple keywords. After that, Bixby took over and auto-generated the neccessary code. Using the Developer Studio, it took Kittlaus just a few minutes to have a working booking app up and running on an emulated smartphone UI.

The company will also be introducing Bixby Marketplace, an app store of sorts for developers to share their Bixby apps and services.

Finally, Samsung also plans to launch Bixby in five new languages in the coming months: British English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

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