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Samsung introduces a new rewards program at the start of the Great Samsung Sale

By Liu Hongzuo - on 8 Jul 2022, 1:40pm

Samsung introduces a new rewards program at the start of the Great Samsung Sale

Great Samsung Sale.

You're in luck if you’ve been holding off your big-ticket electronic purchases to maximise your savings.

Samsung Singapore is launching a two-week-long, online-only sales festival where its coveted flagship products and appliances are going at various discounts (relative to their Recommended Retail Price). Purchasing an item during the sale also nets the customer e-vouchers, which can be spent on their next purchase via the Samsung Online Store

Offers seen on Great Samsung Sale.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB has an RRP of S$1,718 during its February 2022 launch, but it’s now going at 9% off (S$1,568) over at the Great Samsung Sale. Because the product is above S$1,500, purchasing the phone alone would’ve netted the customer a S$150 e-voucher via email.

Here’s the minimum spend and the corresponding e-voucher value that comes with it. Note that the e-voucher can be used on any Samsung Online Store product, and it has to be after the Great Samsung Sale. 

Samsung e-voucher promotion for purchases made during Great Samsung Sale.

The sale starts now and ends on 17 July 2022.


Samsung Rewards now apply to the online store

Samsung Rewards is also now available for purchases on the Samsung Online Store. Customers with a Samsung Account can earn points equal to 1% of the purchase value when buying stuff off its official online portal. In addition, the brand said it would offer time-limited promotions where customers can boost their points earning in the future.

Reward points can then be used to purchase any product on the Samsung Online Store or to redeem vouchers found inside the Samsung Members app. 

To ensure that your Samsung Account is eligible for these perks, you can start here.

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