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What we know about Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ major AI features

By Liu Hongzuo - on 29 Nov 2023, 5:40pm

What we know about Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ major AI features

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked by @DavidMa05368498 on X (Twitter).

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series wouldn’t just be a standard upgrade to its flagship lineup, with the company dropping several artificial intelligence (AI) announcements across November 2023.

Here’s what we know about Samsung’s work in AI and how it comes onto its upcoming 2024 Galaxy S series phones.

Samsung AI Forum, Samsung Gauss, and Galaxy AI

Image source: Samsung Newsroom.

The first week of November 2023 saw the start of the Samsung AI Forum, a developer-centric conference in South Korea for AI developers working on, or working with Samsung’s different business units.

Of note is its Samsung Gauss announcement. As explained here, Samsung Gauss is a generative AI model developed by Samsung Research. Named after mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, Samsung demonstrated that its generative AI model could help to facilitate tasks like emailing, summarising documents, and translating content, on top of smarter device integration and controls. 

Samsung’s direct challenge to Google and Google’s Pixel phones comes in the form of Galaxy AI. As explained here, Galaxy AI combines on-device and cloud AI features into Galaxy products and services. This is similar, if not identical, to Google’s approach to many of its Magic features on Pixel and its online services like noise cancellation in Google Meets. The only known feature revealed by Samsung is AI Live Translate for calls.

Possible mid-January 2024 launch for Galaxy S24 series

According to leaked information, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is due for a release on 17 January 2024, which makes these publicised AI updates ripe for its new Galaxy S handsets. The company has set a higher-than-usual sales target for these mobiles — at 10% higher than its previous Galaxy S23 series target.

Source: Samsung Newsroom (1, 2, 3)

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