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Samsung Galaxy Fold faces display issues in just 48 hours (Updated with Samsung's response)

By Cookie Monster - on 21 Apr 2019, 1:58pm

Display issues emerge on the Galaxy Fold in just 48 hours

A bulge appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the first 24 hours before breaking the screen the following day. <br>Image source: The Verge

Several Samsung Galaxy Fold review units in overseas markets have exhibited display issues surfacing within the first 48 hours. 

The Verge, Bloomberg, CNBC and YouTuber MKBHD shared issues of their Galaxy Fold review units. Dieter Bohn from The Verge noticed a small bulge on the crease of the display which distorted the screen slightly. The bulge eventually broke the screen in just two days. While he has received a replacement unit from Samsung, he has yet to receive an official statement or explanation from the company. 

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg shared on Twitter that the display of the Galaxy Fold review unit is "completely broken and unusable just two days in". Apparently, he removed a protective film that is pasted over the display by Samsung. This protective film is not supposed to be removed, which he believed to have contributed to the display issue.

Image source: @markgurman rom Bloomberg

Popular YouTuber @MKBHD encountered the same issue; he almost fully removed the protective film on his review unit before "the display spazzed and blacked out". 

Image source: @MKBHD

It remains to be seen whether these display issues are isolated. At the time of publication, Samsung has yet to comment on the matter. Will these display issues affect the retail availability of the Galaxy Fold? 

Updated at 12pm, 18th April: Samsung has responded to the affected reviewers. Those facing physical issues, Samsung intends to "thoroughly inspect the review units in person." While the 'screen protector' issue faced by YouTuber @MKBHD and others, Samsung has clarified that it's a protective layer that's not meant to be removed. A personnel at TMobile tweeted that the retail units have a special wrap with specific instructions on this point.  For further detailed reporting of Samsung's response on this matter, head over here.

Source: The Verge, @markgurman, @MKBHD via 9to5Google

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