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Samsung's new Exynos 2400 chip promises 70% faster GPU and RDNA3 GPU with hardware ray-tracing

By Cookie Monster - on 9 Oct 2023, 9:05am

Samsung's new Exynos 2400 chip promises 70% faster GPU and RDNA3 GPU with hardware ray-tracing

Samsung gave a preview of its Exynos 2400 mobile chipset and Zoom Anyplace image sensor at System LSI Tech Day 2023. <br>Image source: Samsung

Samsung previews some of the technologies that could ship with the Galaxy S24 series at its System LSI Tech Day 2023 event. 

One of the main highlights at the event is no doubt the Exynos 2400 mobile chipset with its Xclipse 940 GPU based on AMD RDNA 3 architecture

The South Korean company claims Exynos 2400 will deliver a 1.7x increase in CPU performance and a whopping 14.7x boost in AI performance compared to the Exynos 2200. 

In addition, the Exynos 2400 reference board was used to demonstrate text-to-image AI generation for upcoming smartphones.

The live demo also apparently showcased the Exynos 2400's enhanced ray-tracing capability, improved realism, and immersion in mobile gaming through optical effects such as global illumination, reflection and shadow rendering.

Another technology previewed at the event is Zoom Anyplace. Based on the company's 200-million-pixel image sensor, Samsung's Zoom Anyplace enables users to shoot up to 4x close-ups of moving objects without any loss in image quality with the assistance of AI-based tracking technology.

There has been speculation that Samsung would be using the Exynos 2400 on the Galaxy S24 series for some markets. However, this could be complicated by the fact that Samsung recently  extended agreements with Qualcomm and AMD respectively for its future mobile devices.

The recently announced Galaxy S23 FE runs on Exynos 2200 while the Galaxy S23 series is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform.

Source: Samsung

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