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Samsung’s optional photo editing app adds a new perspective to your shots

By Liu Hongzuo - on 11 Mar 2024, 11:53am

Samsung’s optional photo editing app adds a new perspective to your shots

The rear cameras of a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra from our review.

Samsung has added a new feature to its photo editing companion app, allowing users to get the right angles after taking the shot.

In an official tutorial/post about the Galaxy S24 series’ ProVisual Engine (Samsung’s photo-taking hardware and software logic for its 2024 flagship smartphones), Samsung briefly mentioned its optional photo editing app, Enhance-X

Shifting the perspective changes how a subject is represented in your photos.

The app now comes with Camera Shift. This editing feature allows a user to shift the perspective of a photo, which can make all the difference in composing a shot. Assuming you only get one chance to take a photo, perspective-shifting can make or break the intended tone of your photo (to learn more or why, read our tips and tricks for smartphone portrait photography here).

Samsung also added that the feature uses AI “to adjust the angle and perspective,” which we think means it uses AI to make the edits look more natural than conventional perspective editing.

The Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X was quietly uploaded sometime in mid-2023, where we tested the app alongside the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ (review here). The app is unique to select Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and it’s officially found in its proprietary Galaxy Store (for free).

Of course, if you want to learn more about maximising your Galaxy S24 series phone’s ProVisual Engine, don’t forget to check out Samsung's blog post here. The article goes into great detail about its “AI Fusion” 24MP Expert Raw frame synthesis and summarises all the perks that come together to bring about its latest version of low-light shooting, Nightography.

Source: Samsung (newsroom)

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