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Samsung might debut a new OLED panel for the 2025 Galaxy phones

By Cookie Monster - on 24 Nov 2023, 9:43am

Samsung might debut a new OLED panel for the 2025 Galaxy phones

Samsung might use blue phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) panels for its 2025 Galaxy phones.

Samsung might introduce a new type of OLED panel for its phones in 2025.

TheElec claims that Samsung is working on blue phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) panel technology that offers lower power consumption than current OLED panels. 

Current OLED panels use green and red phosphorescent sub-pixels, but the blue diodes use fluorescent materials which are less efficient.

The new OLED panels will have blue phosphorescent diodes that will reportedly deliver an an internal luminous efficiency of 100% compared to 25% on fluorescent materials, which in turns improves power efficiency.

Samsung initially planned to bring PHOLED to the Galaxy Z phones in 2024, but there have been developmental delays as the lifespan of the PHOLED panels is said to be just 55% of the current OLED panels. Therefore, the debut of the PHOLED panels might be pushed back by another year. 

As the leader in OLED displays for smartphones, Samsung is likely to continue investing in the development of PHOLED so that it can maintain its lead and edge over the competition.

Source: ETNews via Android Authority

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