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Samsung CEO admits the Galaxy Fold was rushed to market "before it was ready"

By Team HardwareZone - on 2 Jul 2019, 7:33am

Samsung CEO admits the Galaxy Fold was rushed to market "before it was ready"

Samsung co-CEO DJ Koh shed more light on what happened to the Galaxy Fold and its current status. 

In a recent meeting with The Independent and other media outlets in Seoul, Koh revealed that "it was embarrassing" to push for the launch of the Galaxy Fold "before it was ready". 

“I do admit I missed something on the foldable phone, but we are in the process of recovery,” Koh said.

Koh also shared that more than 2,000 devices are currently being tested in all aspects and have defined all the issues. There were some issues that the company didn't even think about, but it is grateful to the reviewers for their feedback which led to the ongoing mass volume testing. 

Another senior Samsung executive revealed that Koh's impatience is not entirely blamed for the Galaxy Fold issue. Stephanie Choi, Samsung's head of global marketing strategy, said that the company's new initiative to "change everything" and "do what you can't" led to a relentless pursuit of new technologies and innovation.

“Our brand philosophy is ‘do what you can’t’,” Choi says. “We make what can’t be made, and do what can’t be done. This [Galaxy Fold issue] is unfortunately sometimes part of this process.”

As to when the Galaxy Fold will be re-launched, Koh stated that it will be "in due course" and to give the company "a bit more time".

Source: The Independent via The Verge

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