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Samsung Bespoke modular fridges are now in Singapore with limitless configuration and design

By Zachary Chan - on 23 Sep 2021, 1:04pm

Samsung Bespoke Fridge

Since launching a new 4-Door Flex Bespoke model at CES earlier this year, Samsung has finally brought in the Bespoke range of refrigerators to Singapore. There are three available base units: a 1-Door Flex, Bottom Mount Freezer, and the aforementioned 4-Door Flex

Image: Samung

The 1-Door Flex model is a single door unit that can be configured as a fridge or a freezer at the touch of a button. Obviously, this was meant to be used as a pair with other units, or even another 1-Door Flex to form a side-by-side fridge-freezer configuration. The Bottom Mount Freezer would be the most common unit for most homes with a fridge on top, and freezer at the bottom. The 4-Door Flex has French Door design with a top fridge, bottom freezer and a third Flex Zone compartment that can be changed according to your needs. 

So, what’s the deal with the limitless configuration and design in the title? Was it just click bait? Well, Samsung envisions their Bespoke fridges to “grow” with families over time, so the fridges are all made to the same specifications with the intent to be used together if there is a need to. 

You can literally mix and match any of the three base models together to form whatever fridge requirements you need. In fact, you could technically line your entire kitchen with Bespoke fridges if you wanted to and forgo cabinetry altogether. Just note that each unit is still a standalone fridge on its own, so if you combined two 1-Door Flexes and a Bottom Mount Fridge for example, you’ll actually need three power sockets. 

What makes these fridges configurable are its external design aesthetics, with user customisable door panels. At launch, users can choose from a glossy (Satin) or matte (Glam) finish with up to five different colour options: Glam White, Glam Pink, Glam Navy, Satin Sky Blue and Satin Gray. Do note that these panels are glass, so you can’t put magnets on the doors with these fridges. Samsung also designed the fridges to be able to operate with minimal side clearance of just 12mm, so you won’t notice them being individual units when placed side-by-side. The doors have also been redesigned to open to 90-degrees for tighter spacing, while still being able to fully access fridge internals and remove drawers.   

For its Singapore launch, Samsung has collaborated with a few local artists and design houses to create some unique looks for their Bespoke fridges. These designs unfortunately, are not for sale, but rather an inspiration for the possibilities of how you can customise your fridge. These exclusive designs, from Candice Phang, Michael Mindflyer, Tan Zi Xi, and Rooot Studio will be on display at TANGS Singapore from 27th September to 24th October 2021. Commune will showcase its design in its Millenia Walk store.

If you buy a Bespoke fridge and really want your own design, Samsung can hook you up with the third party printer they use. These are similar to vinyl wraps over the standard panels. Just note that this isn't an official option at this point. Samsung is holding a #BespokeDesignedByYou contest though, where you can possibly win yourself a Bespoke Bottom Mount Freezer fridge as the main prize, among other things.

You can configure and buy a Bespoke fridge from Samsung's online simulator. Prices of the Samsung Bespoke fridges start from S$1,899 for the Bottom Mount Freezer, S$1,999 for the 1-Door Flex, and S$5,199 for the 4-Door Flex.  

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