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Samsung beats TSMC to be first to manufacture 3nm chips

By Kenny Yeo - on 1 Jul 2022, 10:31am

Samsung beats TSMC to be first to manufacture 3nm chips

Samsung employees holding up 3nm wafers. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung has beaten TSMC to the punch to become the first chip manufacturer to produce 3nm chips. TSMC's own 3nm process isn't expected to be ready until sometime later this year.

According to Samsung, it says its 3nm process can produce chips that are up to 45% more power efficient and 23% faster compared to older 5nm chips. It also says that chips made using its new 3nm process can reduce chip area by up to 16%.

In the future, the goal is to further reduce power consumption by up to 50% and improve performance to up to 30%. It also wants to reduce size by up to 35%.

Although Samsung did not disclose who its clients are for its newest chips, reports say that Samsung and other Chinese companies are likely to be the first customers for these 3nm chips.

This is a milestone for Samsung which is competing heavily against TSMC. The latter is said to be the "world's most advanced foundry chipmaker" and currently enjoys a 54% market share as it produces chips for both Apple and Qualcomm.

Samsung is a distant second with 16.3% and the company has invested heavily in recent years. It plans to invest around US$132 billion with the goal being to overtake TSMC as the world's number chip maker by 2030.

Source: Reuters, The Verge

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