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Samsung Apps Among Least Used by Galaxy Owners

By Marcus Wong - on 24 Apr 2014, 11:57am

Samsung Apps Among Least Used by Galaxy Owners

Samsung’s Galaxy devices are amongst the best-selling in the world, but while they generally come with a whole suite of apps developed by Samsung, a new report shows that these apps are the among least used by their users.

A Strategy Analytics study tracked more than 250 U.S. users of the Galaxy S3 and S4 and their use of apps last month, and found that on average users spent just seven minutes during the month on Samsung’s apps – including ChatON (Samsung’s global mobile instant messenger service), S Voice (Samsung’s voice-activated personal search assistant), and the Samsung Hub app store.

Contrast this to the 149 minute average spent on Google’s Play Store, YouTube video service and flagship search engine, and it becomes evident where the next battle ground for Samsung lies. Worse, new regulations in South Korea will force Samsung to allow users more leeway to delete the preloaded apps (otherwise known as “bloatware”), so the challenge to build differentiated apps that speak to their user base in a pressing one.

That’s not lost on Wonpyo Hung, president of Samsung’s Media Solution Center (responsible for developing apps and services), who says that software is “critical” but acknowledges that there is “room to improve” in terms of delivering a unique experience for consumers. To this extent, the company has more research and development engineers focusing on software than on hardware, so we shall see if Samsung can leverage its position in the market to drive own-branded content services.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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