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Samsung announces its latest 200MP image sensor, the ISOCELL HP2

By Cookie Monster - on 18 Jan 2023, 12:00am

Samsung announces its latest 200MP image sensor, the ISOCELL HP2

Samsung just unveiled its latest image sensor, the 200MP ISOCELL HP2.

Designed to offer the "ultimate high resolution experience in flagship smartphones", the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 packs 200-million 0.6-micrometer (μm) pixels in a 1/1.3” optical format. This sensor size is typically used in 108MP mobile cameras, hence the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 ensures the camera bumps do not get bigger on the latest phones.

Samsung's pixel-binning technology, Tetrapixel, can simulate different pixel sizes to accommodate different lighting conditions. When used in low light conditions, the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 binds four to 16 neighbouring pixels and transforms either into a 1.2μm 50MP or 2.4μm 12.5MP image sensor.

For auto-focusing in low light, Super QPD lets the Sasmsung ISOCELL HP2 use all its 200-million pixels for focusing agents. By grouping four adjacent pixels to track both horizontal and vertical pattern changes, the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 can deliver faster and more accurate auto-focusing.

When shooting full 8K video, the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 switches to 1.2μm 50MP mode to reduce cropping and capture more of the scene.

Samsung's new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology can significantly reduce washed out photos from brightly-lit conditions. D-VTG adds a second transfer gate in each pixel to boost its full-well capacity by more than 33% to minimise overexposure and improve colour reproduction.

The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 is already in mass production, and likely to be introduced on the Galaxy S23 Series next month.

Source: Samsung

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