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Samsung accused of cheating on benchmarks again, this time on TVs

By Cookie Monster - on 17 Jun 2022, 12:00am

Samsung accused of cheating on benchmarks again, this time on TVs

Barely four months after it was caught cheating on phone benchmarks, Samsung is now accused of cheating on TV benchmarks.

Two sites, HDTVTest and FlatpanelsHD discovered the benchmark cheating issue on Samsung's S95B QD-OLED TV and QN95B Neo QLED LCD TV. According to the reviewers, Samsung deliberately designed its TVs to recognise benchmarking apps and adjust the picture output to make measurements appear more accurate. 

Rasmus Larsen of FlatpanelsHD claims the QN95B changed its colour and luminance tracking to look very accurate. In addition, the QN95B also increased its peak brightness by up to 80% from 1,300 nits to 2,300 nits. Such high brightness levels cannot be sustained without damaging the TV panel.

When asked for comment on FlatpanelsHD's findings, Samsung Korea says it will "provide a software update that ensures consistent brightness of HDR contents across a wider range of window size beyond the industry standard".

Samsung also responded to a query from The Register, and states that the company "does not use any algorithm for the purpose of yielding specific test results."

Source: FlatpanelsHD, HDTVTest via Android Authority

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