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Samsung’s new 980 Pro SSD will hit speeds of up to 6,500MB/s

By Kenny Yeo - on 9 Jan 2020, 6:04am

Samsung’s new 980 Pro SSD will hit speeds of up to 6,500MB/s

Samsung has been very quiet on the SSD front. Sure, they dropped the 970 Evo Plus early last year but that’s really just an updated 970 Evo with Samsung’s newest memory.

Now, however, we finally have the proper successor to the 970 Pro and it’s called, unsurprisingly, the 980 Pro.

Details are sparse at the moment – there hasn’t been a press release – but Samsung did show it off in a little corner at their massive CES booth. And with it, there’s a small card that lists its highlights.

Right now, we don’t know what controller or memory it is using but we do know it supports PCIe 4 and it will be available in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities which suggests the 980 Pro might be using good old 2-bit MLC NAND.

Does anyone still buy 250GB SSDs given how much prices of SSDs have fallen these days? Apparently, Samsung thinks so.

What we do know for now is that the drive will hit some incredible speeds. Samsung claims sequential read and write speeds of up to – get ready – 6,500MB/s and 5,000MB/s respectively.

That’s considerably quicker than the current crop of PCIe 4 SSDs which typically manage about 5,500MB/s sequential reads and 4,500MB/s sequential writes.

Obviously, no word yet on local availability and pricing but reports say Samsung will share more information about this incredible drive in Q2 later this year.

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