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Samsung said its 2024 TV lineup would add AI to the viewing and audio experience, and it does

By Ken Wong - on 29 Mar 2024, 10:34pm

Samsung said its 2024 TV lineup would add AI to the viewing and audio experience, and it does

The event was held at Jewel Changi Airport.

As expected, Samsung’s Unbox & Discover 2024 event at the Jewel Changi Airport, highlighted the use of a next-generation AI processor to enhance its customers’ home entertainment. We covered this aspect of Samsung’s 2024 TV range during our coverage of CES 2024.

Entering the AI era, this year’s lineup of visual and audio devices includes the following:

  • 2024 Neo QLED 8K
  • 2024 Neo QLED 4K
  • 2024 OLED 4K
  • Music Frame

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Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs

Where some of the AI enhancements are.

As covered in our CES 2024 coverage, Samsung’s 2024 lineup of Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs come with Samsung’s latest TV processor, the NQ8 AI Gen3. According to Samsung this year’s processor has a neural processing unit (NPU) that delivers upgraded performance levels thanks to its 512 neural networks, as opposed to 64 neural networks on last year’s model.

The processor is used to deliver a suite of picture and audio quality-enhancing features that include:

  • 8K AI Upscaling Pro: This uses the NQ8 AI Gen3 for enhanced 8K upscaling, sharpening low-resolution content so that it is displayed in ultra-high resolution.
  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro: Aims to solve common issues in fast-paced sports such as ball distortion (for example when a ball appears blurry during sports events like live soccer games) by using deep learning to properly detect the sport and type of ball to enhance the visuals.
  • Real Depth Enhancer Pro: this uses AI to add detail to fast-moving scenes with the help of AI to control mini-LEDs by detecting the part of a scene that the human eye would naturally focus on and bring it to the foreground. This creates more lifelike images as there is more depth to the onscreen content.
  • Q-Symphony: Allows users to connect multiple wireless speakers and a soundbar to a TV or projector so a user can play sound from their soundbar and TV's speakers at the same time.
  • Active Voice Amplifier Pro: if the AI detects that the TV dialogue isn’t audible over the background noise, it enhances the voice input so users can easily follow the conversation on screen at any volume.

For the full list of specs of Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TV range, click here

For the full list of specs of Samsung's Neo QLED 4K TV range, click here

Samsung OLED TVs and The Frame 

The Frame has some free local art this year.

Samsung’s 2024 OLED S95D TVs come in sizes of up to 77 inches while the more wallet-friendly S90D series comes in sizes ranging from 48 to 83 inches. As we covered earlier during our CES 2024 coverage, the new OLED TVs come with a new OLED Glare Free technology that uses a low-reflection coating made of a specialised hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern to overcome the trade-off between gloss and reflection. 

This year’s The Frame TV comes with even more art to display thanks to a partnership between Samsung and the National Heritage Board (NHB), which will see the addition of ten local artworks made available in the Samsung Art Store. The artworks have been jointly curated by Samsung and the NHB from Singapore’s National Collection.

And content from Disney.

Plus, through a collaboration with Disney, the 2024 Frame TV and Music Frame will have special limited-edition Disney-themed designs for the Frame TV and Music Frame panel.

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For the full list of specs for the S95D TV range, click here

Pricing and availability 

Are you ready for the era of AI in your TV?

Customers who pre-order a Samsung AI-powered TV can enjoy gifts worth up to S$3,933, until 11 April 2024, while stocks last. 

Model Size Pre-order offer

Samsung Neo QLED 8K

75-inch, 85-inch

Mystery gift + Freestyle 2nd Gen (worth S$1,513)

65-inch Mystery gift

Samsung Neo QLED 4K

75-inch, 85-inch Mystery gift + Freestyle 2nd Gen (worth S$1,513)
55-inch, 65-inch

Mystery gift + Nintendo Switch (worth $399)

43-inch, 50-inch

Slimfit Cam (worth $202)

Samsung OLED 4K

77-inch Mystery gift + Freestyle 2nd Gen (worth S$1,513)
55-inch, 65-inch Mystery gift + Nintendo Switch (worth $399)

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