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Sales of Hybrid Vehicles Going Up

By Kenny Yeo - on 3 Apr 2013, 10:23am

Sales of Hybrid Vehicles Going Up

499 sold, that's got to help drive hybrid sales.

If recent sales data are any indication, it seems that hybrid vehicles are here to stay - at least until a viable and comparable alternative to petrol and diesel is found. In the first two months of this year, in the United States, sales of hybrid cars are up 32% when compared to the same period last year. Additionally, market share for all hybrids is now 4% and analysts at Gartner has said that this figure could double by the end of the decade.

For additional proof that hybrid technology is the future, one only needs to look at three of the world's top auto marques - Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren. All three have announced flagship cars in the past year that will use some form of hybrid technology, even if it is to boost performance and not economy.

Industry observers and experts also noted that despite hybrids increasing popularity, one of the biggest fears facing buyers is the need to replace the expensive batteries in the car at some point of time. However, car makers are trying to assure buyers that thanks to improvements in technology, the cost of the batteries are steadily coming down. In addition, Toyota says that 90% of all its Prius cars sold since its launch in 2000 are still on the roads today.

Source: LA Times

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