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The S3 Zero Gravity flight experience is out of this world

By Marcus Wong - on 16 Sep 2016, 1:53pm

The S3 Zero Gravity flight experience is out of this world

The S3 ZeroG Experience is claimed to be “the world’s most affordable” zero gravity experience by Swiss-based organization Swiss Space Systems (S3).

Essentially a 90-minute flight in a private modified Airbus aircraft, zero gravity is simulated by having the plane climb at a sharp angle of 45o from about 24,000 ft to 34,000 ft, and then dive at a 45o angle after about 20 to 25 seconds to create a parabolic arc. Each time the plane does this, the effect of gravity is lowered, eventually hitting the point whereby you get a sense of zero gravity.

Repeated parabolic swoops will eventually create a zero gravity state.

This will happen 15 times throughout the flight, letting you experience zero gravity without having to be an astronaut or a scientist. What’s different though, is that the plane is divided into three different zones with differing experiences and of course, charges.

The Party Zone caters for up to 40 participants, and is a 77m2 area some 14.5m in length. This is the basic tier for the ZeroG experience, and prices start from 2,950CHF (around S$4,100).

The Premium Zone on the other hand, only takes 28 participants in a 53m2 area that’s 10 m in length. These tickets are available from 7,500CHF (around S$10,300) onwards, and include special activities such as playing with liquids and balloons in zero gravity. Also included in the price is an exclusive S3 ZeroG Exclusive Swiss Timepiece by Tag Heuer – the TAG Heuer Formula 1 S3 Chronograph. Apparently, the watch serves as your boarding pass, and you’ll even be allowed to bring home the S3 Flight Suit.

The VIP Room is of course the most exclusive. This only takes 12  participants and is a space of 46.7m2, and 8.8m in length. Apparently, options are available to customize the flight experience, and of course you will be allowed to bring home both the watch and the flight suit. The entire room is available for booking and is estimated at CHF 120,000 (around S$165,000).

Here's a short video for quick look at the flight and the Tag Heuer watch:

The flight from Singapore has been scheduled to take place 18 November 2017. Tickets (and more information) are available exclusively from Diners World Travel.

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