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Rumor: iPhone 8 to utilize new 3D touch technology

By Marcus Wong - on 30 Jan 2017, 12:24pm

Rumor: iPhone 8 to utilize new 3D touch technology

The latest out from analyst Kuo Ming-Chi is that he expects Apple to move towards a thin film-based component package for their new 3D Touch module. This is expected to bring enhanced sensitivity and thus a better overall experience, with the potential for more complex gestures than home screen quick actions and system wide “peek and pop” previews.

Kuo expects a passive metal component will be placed under the film to provide structural support and to prevent the suspected OLED panel from deforming. The new design and sensor materials used will inevitably drive up module costs, which Kuo estimates will cost 10 to 20 percent more than current 3D Touch sensors.

3D Touch is an evolution of Force Touch, which uses sensors under the perimeter of an Apple Watch display to detect finger pressure. With 3D Touch, capacitive sensors integrated with the iPhone’s display backlight measure the distance between the iPhone’s glass and the sensor many times per second, translating the results into granular force and location data. The proposed new sensors work on the same principles, but with much better accuracy and taking up much less internal space.

With the next iPhone rumored to come with anything from wireless charging to OLED displays to now a new 3D Touch module, which change would you like to see the most?

  Source: Apple Insider, 9to5Mac

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