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Rumor: Get your copy of Windows 10 on a USB flash drive?

By Wong Chung Wee - on 26 Jun 2015, 12:17pm

Rumor: Get your copy of Windows 10 on a USB flash drive?

(Image source: Microsoft)

With the launch of Windows 10 about a month from now, there’s a rumor about the upcoming operating system and USB flash drives. German tech website has released a screen capture image that purportedly shows the PC versions of Windows 10 offered on USB flash drives.

(Image source:

According to the image, each USB stick will allow for the respective OS to be installed, and licensed for use, on a single device. We gather the two versions of Windows 10 are standalone ones, and they cost more than their DVD or digital counterparts.

The USB drive versions are targeted at Windows users who want to pay a premium for speedier installation experience, vis-a-vis installing the OS from DVDs. As a backup medium, the USB drive is definitely more convenient than DVDs.

(Source: via Forbes, Microsoft)

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