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Roccat Power-Grid App Transforms Your Smartphone into a PC and Game Remote Control

By Joy Hou - on 23 Oct 2013, 11:47am

Roccat Power-Grid App Transforms Your Smartphone into a PC and Game Remote Control

Roccat has announced that its Power-Grid app is now available for download as the software reaches its open beta phase.

Image source: Roccat.

The game-changing software consists of a smartphone app, which runs on iOS and Android devices, and accompanying host software, which runs on Windows. This technology is used to turn the smartphone into a fully customizable remote control for the PC, extending the environment of the gamer onto their smartphone. Power-Grid features countless preset Grids and Controls that offer functionality ranging from adjusting Windows settings to executing in-game macro sequences in games such as StarCraft II and League of Legends.

The software also provides gamers with the ability to create their own extensively configurable Grids and Controls, allowing them to cater to their own specific needs and desires. The new Power-Grid website – launched simultaneously – provides a database for those searching for additional Grids and Controls. The database will feature Roccat as well as community content, the latter being facilitated by the launcher software’s easy-to-use Grid and Control import/export process.

5 easy steps to create your PC control center:-

  • Create an account and download the software at Users who already have a Roccat World account can download the software straight away.
  • Install the host software on your PC.
  • Go to the Apple or Google store on your phone and download the app.
  • Ensure PC and phone are connected to the same network.
  • Login to your host software on the PC and start the app on your phone, then follow the on-screen instructions.
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