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Roborock’s new Q Revo MaxV adds hot water to the cleaning equation

By Ken Wong - on 8 Dec 2023, 11:56am

Roborock’s new Q Revo MaxV adds hot water to the cleaning equation

Image source: Roborock.

When it comes to the refresh rate of new technology, even I think a quarter of a year is too short. But that’s the time between the launch of the Roborock Q Revo and the announcement by the company of the launch of its new Q Revo MaxV.

Now like its predecessor, the new Q Revo MaxV comes with a home base unit, does dry vacuuming, and wet mopping, but it also has a few new bells and whistles to set it apart. (Don't forget to check out our review of the Q Revo to get a better idea of what it does well/)

Image source: Roborock.

In a first for Roborock, the Q Revo MaxV comes with Dynamic Hot Water Washing with adjustable water temperature for mop washing, which goes up to 60°C to remove oil stains. With adaptive re-washing, the Q Revo MaxV is able to adapt the mop washing time and water flow to the turbidity of the mop washing water for better cleaning, with less water. The robot will also detect heavily stained areas and mop them again.

In another first, the Q Revo MaxV has a FlexiArm design that enables the mop to extend to the edge of the robot vacuum, ensuring that the edges of your home are thoroughly wiped and cleaned.

In line with “Hey Google!” you can now use “Hello Rocky” to wake up the robot without having to manually push any buttons. The robot can follow voice commands even when offline. These commands are:

"Hello Rocky" -

  • Clean here
  • Don’t clean here
  • Clean the bedroom
  • Wash the mop
  • Vacuum harder        

While the Q Revo MaxV is Roborock’s first how water robotic vacuum cleaner, it isn’t the only one with the Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni also featuring a similar system.

Pricing and availability

Image source: Roborock.

During Roborock’s 12.12 sale, the Q Revo MaxV will be available for pre-order on Shopee and Lazada for just S$1,299.90 (U.P. S$1,399.90) on 12 Dec from 12am to 2am. From 12 to 14 December, there is also a special campaign price of S$1,359. The first 20 customers who purchase via Roborock’s official store on  Shopee and Lazada will receive a free security camera. On top of that, customers will also be entitled to purchase the Dyad Air (a wireless wt-dry vacuum cleaner) for S$399.90 (U.P. S$499.90).

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