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Roam across 56 countries seamlessly with M1’s new enterprise mobile plans!

By Wong Chung Wee - on 9 Apr 2017, 8:01am

M1 announces new enterprise mobile plans for professionals who are always in need of more data capacity!

Note: This article was first published on 3rd April 2017.

M1 has just released two new enterprise mobile plans for professionals who are always in need of more data capacity. In addition, the new plans allow for data roaming to 56 different countries. The M1 Enterprise Mobile currently has two mobile plans that are tailored to “meet the needs of Singapore’s hard-charging corporate warriors.”

M1 Enterprise Mobile Enterprise Mobile 6 Enterprise Mobile 12
Monthly Subscription (SGD, incl. GST) $61.00 $75.00
Local Talktime, local SMS/MMS Unlimited Unlimited
Local Data 6GB 12GB
Excess Charge S$5.35 per GB, with excess capped at S$295.32
Free Value-Added Services
  • Enterprise Data Passport
  • Unified Communication Platform
  • Enterprise Mobile Management

Both plans, namely the Enterprise Mobile 6 and the Enterprise Mobile 12, feature unlimited local talktime and unlimited SMS/MMS services. The Enterprise Mobile 6 costs S$61 per month and Enterprise Mobile 12 costs S$75 per month.

For Enterprise Mobile 6, the allocated local data capacity is 6GB, while Enterprise Mobile 12 has 12GB of local data bundle. The unique selling point is the M1 Enterprise Data Passport, which enables the customer to use his local data bundle across 56 popular business destinations. The countries include Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, United States of America, and even Vietnam!

The M1 Enterprise Data Passport is an always-on feature so that the busy corporate road warrior will not have to worry about toggling on the feature when he is on an overseas work trip. The excess charge is the same for both plans; S$5.35 per GB, with excess charges capped at S$295.32.

The Unified Communication software is provided free to M1 Enterprise Mobile customers. The communication platform will take care of the user's voice, messaging and collaborative workspace requirements on a single, unified platform.

The other value-added services include M1’s very own Unified Communication software and Enterprise Mobile Management.

The Enterprise Mobility Management will allow the corporate IT team to manage the devices that are using the M1 Enterprise Mobile plans.

These services, including M1 Enterprise Data Passport, are bundled for free. The sign-up options for M1 Enterprise Mobile plans are straightforward; there’s a SIM-only option, with no contract lock-in period. The M1 folks even disclosed it’s possible to sign up for only a month! The other option will include device subsidy, with a 24-month contract. The M1 Enterprise Mobile plans are available from 03 April 2017, and at least 20 lines are required to be eligible for sign up. In the event that a company doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, M1 is prepared to offer the same plans to the company on a case-by-case basis. For more details, please visit M1's page here.

(Source: M1)

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