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RL Grime and Airwaks win the inaugural Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am

By Team GameAxis - on 27 Jul 2019, 3:39pm

RL Grime and Airwaks win the inaugural Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am

The first ever Fortnite World Cup Celebrity Pro-Am was certainly one for the books, boasting some of the biggest celebrities around competing with popular Fortnite content creators.

These celebrities included the likes of Chandler Riggs, Marshmello and Xavier Woods working with content creators the likes of Ninja, Timthetatman and DrLupo. Four matches were played in intense fashion, with 100 players facing off against each other and each duo earning points based off on their number of eliminations and final placements.

DJ RL Grime and Team Solary member Karim ‘Airwaks’ Benghalia finished in first place once again, having done so at last month’s Summer Block Party. The US$3 million prize pool was split amongst the top placements, with RL Grime and Airwaks getting US$500,000 each for their efforts. The matches were done in the name of charity, and the winners get to donate their winnings to the charity or charities of their choice.

Winner Winner…oops.

You couldn’t have guessed it would end this way at the start of the Pro-Am, as Korean Fortnite player Oh.King dominated the first match. They earned 13 eliminations and a Victory Royale to top it all off, earning them a hefty amount of points to begin with.

In the second match however, Fortnite Youtuber Jacob and Clare Grant managed to get the Victory Royale along with six eliminations. Not quite as impressive as the winners of the first match, but a commendable effort, nonetheless.

Tfue and Cloak once again claimed the dreaded silver medal in the third match unfortunately, just short of nabbing first place. Instead, it was Youtuber Jelty and Timbers Esports CEO Gaborever who secured first place here with five eliminations.

Things were tense in the fourth game, however, as players were giving their all for a final go at first place. Things became messy very quickly, as many players survived to see the last minutes of the match, turning things into a chaotic and crowded battle. Marksman and JT Brown ended up getting a Victory Royale here, along with an insane 12 eliminations!

You can check out the final placements for the Pro-Am below - look how close some teams were to winning!

This wraps up Day One of the Fortnite World Cup, with two more intense days of fort-building of shotgunning to go. Tomorrow will see the Duos event and the day after that, Solos. There’s a bonkers prize pool of $30 million to be won, so don’t miss out the competitive drama tomorrow and the day after!

- Reporting by Tim Augustin

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