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Riot Games unveil gameplay for their League of Legends fighting game 'Project L'

By Tim Augustin - on 22 Nov 2021, 4:54pm

Riot Games unveil gameplay for their League of Legends fighting game 'Project L'

Image: Riot Games

League of Legends is expanding. 

Riot Games have revealed a first look at their upcoming game Project L, a 2D fighting game that spins off League of Legends. The game features many characters League players (or Arcane watchers) might be familiar with, and Riot has shown off their fighting kits in an early gameplay video.

Watch the video below:

Project L was first announced in 2019, and it looks like those two years of development have already paid off in spades. The game is a tag-team fighter, where players manage teams of two Champions and swap between them during matches. According to Riot, this was meant to reward, “strategic team-building and on-the-fly decision-making,” in addition to having strong fighting game fundamentals. 

Visually, it looks quite impressive. We only see one stage and a few Champions, like Ekko and Jinx, but their moves are flashy, the stage looks lively and character models sport a lot of detail. Riot plans for the game to have a high skill ceiling and low barrier of entry, which essentially means it will be easy to pick up but hard to master. The game will also feature rollback netcode for a more seamless multiplayer experience. 

Much like Arcane Season 2 however, this game isn’t anywhere close to being ready for release. Riot confirmed that Project L will launch in 2023 at the earliest, but we’ll get more updates on the game by then. 

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