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Riot Game's "Project L" fighting game is now officially known as 2XKO

By Zelda Lee - on 23 Feb 2024, 6:25pm

Riot Game's "Project L" fighting game is now officially known as 2XKO

Image: Riot Games

Games has finally put a formal label on its much-anticipated fighter set within the universe of League of Legend. Previously dubbed Project L during its initial reveal, the game will henceforth be known as 2XKO.

Though the name 2XKO might not roll off the tongue as smoothly as Riot's other offerings, I thought it aptly encapsulates the essence of the game – a tag team brawler focused on delivering knockout blows to opponents. Riot made it a point to clarify that the game's title is to be pronounced just as it appears – yep, 2-X-K-O. If there was any ambiguity about it.

The unveiling of the new name was accompanied by a trailer that offered a glimpse into the gameplay, showcasing several champions from the League of Legends roster who will be stepping into the 2XKO arena. Drawing parallels with fighting game classics like Street Fighter, 2XKO promises to offer a fresh spin on the tag team fighting genre, with the added twist of featuring beloved League of Legends champions.

Slated for a 2025 release, 2XKO is set to make appearances at various fighting game circuits this year, including a notable showcase at EVO Japan in late April. Riot is also planning to conduct limited beta tests later in the year.

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