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Riot Games has announced the next League of Legends Champion - the unpredictable Briar

By The Count - on 4 Sep 2023, 7:58pm

Riot Games has announced the next League of Legends Champion - the unpredictable Briar

In an intriguing update from Riot Games, the newest champion to join the vast roster of League of Legends has been unveiled – and she is not your typical fighter. Dubbed as Briar, this vampire-esque character introduces a fresh mechanic that toes the line between power and unpredictability.

At the core of her design is a balance between uncontrolled aggression and strategic finesse. Unlike other champions, Briar doesn't possess the standard healing abilities. Instead, she thrives on aggression, healing herself by causing damage to her opponents. Some of her key abilities involve bleeding her enemies and absorbing the life force from the inflicted wounds.

A Closer Look at Briar's Abilities:

  • Passive - Crimson Curse: Briar's attacks induce bleeding, thereby healing her progressively based on the damage inflicted. If she eliminates an enemy champion, she capitalises on the remaining bleed stacks, resulting in instantaneous healing bursts.

  • Q - Head Rush: A lethal leap onto the adversary, breaking their armour and causing temporary paralysis.

  • W - Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack: This is where things get particularly interesting. Once activated, Briar becomes an almost uncontrollable force of nature, hunting down the nearest enemy. In this state, she gains notable speed and her attacks have an area-of-effect damage impact. Moreover, Briar can also perform a 'Snack Attack', which bites and harms the opponent based on their health deficiency.

  • E - Chilling Scream: A two-phase move; firstly, Briar becomes resilient, absorbing damage and healing. On the second trigger, she releases a formidable scream, damaging and decelerating enemies. This can also interrupt her Blood Frenzy, restoring player control.

  • R - Certain Death: A pursuit mechanism that propels Briar into an amplified Blood Frenzy state, targeting a particular adversary with heightened defensive and offensive capabilities.

The key to mastering Briar seems to hinge on judiciously toggling between her Blood Frenzy and Chilling Scream. Her unbridled aggression needs to be carefully deployed, lest she ends up in perilous situations. With her potent crowd control and durability, countering her may require items like the Morellonomicon to dampen her substantial self-healing abilities.

Briar's character design and mechanics undeniably bring a fresh zest to the League of Legends battlefield. It remains to be seen how players adapt to her unique playstyle, but one thing is certain – matches are about to get a whole lot more intense.

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