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Razer's new Fujin Pro chair is a bold challenge to Herman Miller's Aeron (Now Available)

By The Count - on 7 Dec 2023, 10:10am

Razer's new Fujin Pro chair is a bold challenge to Herman Miller's Aeron

Note: This article was first published on 22nd September 2023 and is  now updated with local availability details.

The Fujin Pro chair is moving into Herman Miller territory. PHOTO: RAZER

The realm of ergonomic chairs, a space hitherto dominated by industry stalwarts like Herman Miller, has a surprising new competitor: Razer. Yes, you read that correctly – the brand primarily known for its gaming peripherals and laptops has ventured into the office ergonomics space. Their recent announcement of the Fujin Pro chair caught my attention, not just because of the audacious move into a new category, but because of the chair's striking resemblance to the iconic Herman Miller Aeron.

Let's get this straight: it takes a considerable amount of audacity to directly challenge a product as well-regarded as the Herman Miller Aeron. But Razer's done just that with its Fujin Pro model, which retails at $1,499. What caught my eye was the addition of features that Aeron purists have long sought: a twist-to-adjust lumbar support and a fully adjustable headrest. The Aeron's mesh design and body-hugging ergonomics are renowned, but these specific upgrades have been a glaring absence. Aftermarket add-ons like the Atlas headrest have filled this gap, but wouldn't it be nice to get everything straight from the manufacturer?

Fujin Pro's 4D armrests at close-up. PHOTO: RAZER

Razer seems to think so. The Fujin Pro not only includes the aforementioned features but goes a step further with its "4D armrests", reminiscent of those in Razer's first gaming chair, a Secretlab Omega lookalike. The technology integration doesn't stop there. The Fujin Pro includes an aluminium frame that adds both sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. It's a touch of modernity that complements the chair's overall design while adding an element of durability.

The Razer Fujin chair. PHOTO: RAZER

But before we laud Razer as the new king of the ergonomic castle, let's weigh in on the caveats. There's a cheaper Fujin model available at $939, but it's a far cry from the Pro version. You're settling for a nylon frame instead of aluminium alloy, 3D armrests rather than 4D, less lumbar support adjustment, and no headrest – which is available separately for an unconfirmed sum.

It's also worth mentioning the mesh. According to Razer (during a separate pre-briefing event), the Aeron's mesh feels more cloth-like, whereas Razer's Fujin utilises an elastomer mesh. The advantage? Easier cleaning and less discolouration over time. While I haven't been able to try the chair myself, this could be a game-changer for long-term durability and aesthetics.

Originally slated for a November availability, the Razer Fujin Pro is now available on Razer and Shopee at S$1,499, while the Razer Fujin at S$939 is also available Razer and Shopee.

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