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Razer unveils new Blade 15 model with the first QHD OLED 240Hz display

By Aaron Yip - on 4 May 2022, 6:45pm

Razer unveils new Blade 15 model with the first QHD OLED 240Hz display

Image source: Razer

About a week after releasing a new iteration of its Blade 14 notebooks, Razer has announced an update to its larger sibling, the Blade 15, with a new model set to be released later this year. The updated model comes with a rather unique display option: a QHD OLED 240Hz display.

That display is the star of the show for this updated Blade 15 model, as Razer touts it as the first notebook with an OLED display and with a speedy 240Hz refresh rate and with a QHD (1440p) resolution. Aside from that, the 15.6-inch display also sports a fast response time of 1ms and can go up to as bright as 400 nits.

As for the rest of the device, the new Blade 15 model sports 32GB of DDR5 memory, similar to its Blade 14 counterparts, a 1TB SSD along with an extra M.2 slot for additional storage, and an Intel Core i9-12900H, paired with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The port selection also remains fairly wide, with Thunderbolt 4 onboard, a selection of USB Type-C and Type-A ports, and an HDMI port and SD card reader to go with that. Overall, a rather small spec boost, but the new display is certainly nothing to scoff at.


Availability and Pricing

If the combination of a fast display coupled with the high contrast of OLED technology appeals to you, then be prepared to wait.

Razer says the new Blade 15 model will only be available at the tailend of this year.

The new Blade 15 model comes with a US$3,499 (~S$4,800) price tag, which puts it squarely around the higher rung of Blade 15 configurations, though by no means the most expensive. For reference, the most expensive Blade 15 model you can get in Singapore is one with a full RTX 3080 Ti, Intel Core i9-12900H and a 4K (144Hz) LED display. That model, which is currently being reviewed by us, costs a whopping S$6,649.

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