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Razer targets streamers with its new Seiren BT, Audio Mixer and Key Light Chroma

By Glenn Chua & Aaron Yip - on 11 Mar 2022, 6:36pm

Razer targets streamers with its new Seiren BT, Audio Mixer and Key Light Chroma

After releases like the Kiyo X webcam and Ripjaw X capture card last year, Razer is making further moves into the streaming market with some new announcements. These include the Seiren BT wireless microphone, the Razer Audio Mixer and the Key Light Chroma.

Seiren BT

One of the ways Razer expects users to use the Seiren BT. (Image source: Razer)

Starting off with the Seiren BT, despite holding the Seiren name, it looks nothing like its siblings in the microphone lineup. Instead, it looks and acts similar to a wireless lavalier microphone, a small clip-on pod that connects wirelessly to your phone for mobile IRL streaming so that streamers don't have to deal with wires while on the go.

Underneath the enclosure sits an omnidirectional microphone. Razer promises clear vocal quality with the Seiren BT, though it's hard to judge without testing, as vocal quality will likely depend on where you're streaming from. To Razer's credit, though, the company did account for noise filtering, including noise suppression that's adjustable through the accompanying Razer Streaming Mobile App, as well as indoor and outdoor windsocks.

It should be noted, however, that as it's only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled streaming apps like Streamlabs for iOS and Android, using it for regular recording through other iOS and Android camera apps may not be feasible.

A closer look at the Razer Seiren BT. (Image source: Razer)

Audio Mixer

The Razer Audio Mixer. (Image source: Razer)

Razer is also catering to more regular at-home streaming with its new analog Audio Mixer. Razer is emphasising the simplicity of the Audio Mixer, with support for four channels: one for the microphone, and three others assigned via Razer Synapse. Faders and mute buttons line the face of the Audio Mixer, along with a general microphone mute button with short and long press functions, and, interestingly, a Bleep button, which mutes and censors your microphone with a beep.

Connectivity is also provided for on the Razer Audio Mixer, including an XLR input with a preamp and 48V phantom power (which you can turn on and off with a button), an optical TOS port for older consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as Line In and Out for dual PC setups and new generation consoles.

As hinted above, some of the Audio Mixer's functionality is accessed through Razer Synapse, including echo and reverb (with more advanced settings like room size, delay and decay time to adjust reverb tails), voice changers, a key shifter to change the pitch of incoming audio, and vocal fading. Of course, more practical effects like mic EQing, compression and a noise gate are also accessible on Synapse. The Audio Mixer is also compatible with Chroma lighting.

The Mixing screen for the Audio Mixer on Synapse. (Image source: Razer)

Key Light Chroma

The Key Light Chroma on its extendable pole. (Image source: Razer)

Finally, the Razer Chroma label is coming full circle with the Key Light Chroma. The light is controlled through either the Razer Streaming App or Razer Synapse, and offers a colour temperature range of 2900K to 7000K for warm and cool white lighting.

Of course, if white isn't your style, it also supports 16.8 million colours for more fancy lighting. Additionally, the Key Light Chroma also supports interactive lighting; subs and donations, for example, can trigger colours and effects, controlled through Synapse and Razer's Streamer Companion App. Finally, the Key Light Chroma also has a pole that can be raised between 45 and 130cm, along with a table clamp.

Availability and Pricing

The three new products are available now on Razer's website, though they're all pretty pricey. The Seiren BT is the cheapest among them, and you can get it here for S$159.90. The Audio Mixer is available for S$386.90, while the Key Light Chroma is available for S$439.

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