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Razer has a new Android TV games store - Cortex

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 26 Dec 2015, 1:17am

Razer's Forge TV set-top box updated with new Android TV games store

Razer announced the new Cortex would be coming months ago. It's finally here.

A few months ago, in July, Razer announced that they've bought Ouya, a company that had a headstart in the Android gaming console box space and showed the world that gaming as a service and streaming games from the cloud is possible. However, there hasn't been any real notable updates to the Ouya integration within Razer or anything new to come out of the buyout.

That's not to say that Razer has been sitting on their hands and idling away. Rather, they've been working in the background to help out the game developers that were previously vested in Ouya and incorporate the Ouya marketplace, called Cortex, into their existing marketplace. That initiative finally saw the light of day today in the latest update for their Forge TV, Razer's Android set-top box.

The new Cortex Android TV game store is filled with former Ouya exclusives and sits alongside the Google Play store, both accessible on the Forge TV. There are now more than 240 game options right off the bat.

Not only does the new Cortex store offer exclusives, it also makes use of the new Z-Rank algorithm, to offer you content based on your likes, which means you'll always have stuff to play that you're going to enjoy. Also recently mentioned is that the Razer Cortex store also now supports VR gaming titles. Hit this link to find out more on what VR head gear will be supported.

Looks like the Android TV gaming scene will pick up some momentum next year.

Source: Razer (via Android Central)

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