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Razer Announces the Nabu Smartband at CES 2014 (Updated)

By Joy Hou & James Lu - on 9 Jan 2014, 9:40am

Razer Announces the Nabu Smartband at CES 2014

Update 9/1/14: We had a closer look at the Nabu and can reveal a few more details. Razer is calling the Nabu a 'smartband' to signify its hybrid status as both a Smart Watch and a Fitness Band. Consumer units should be available very soon, and will only be slightly more expensive than the developer kits. For gamers that feel that a fitness band is perhaps not the best fit for their interests, the Nabu will be fully compatible with Razer's Razer Comms Messenger App, which will display e-Sports results and scores on the inner band. 

Finally, the Nabu is named after the Assyrian and Babylonian god of wisdom and writing of the same name. Appropriate since the Nabu is designed to keep you informed and up to date.

Originally posted on 8/1/14: 

Razer has announced its smart wristband, the Razer Nabu.

Image credit: Razer.

A wearable technology that delivers notifications from a smartphone to one's wrist and tracks selected personal information, the Razer Nabu is also an open platform that third-party applications can exploit to create novel experiences for users, applying personal, physical and geographical opt-in data. Running on a lithium-polymer battery, it serves up to seven days in between charges, and is rain- and splash-proof.

Features at a glance:-

  1. Notifications on Your Wrist
    The Razer Nabu has two OLED notification screens – a Public Icon Screen and a Private Message Screen. The Public icon screen – located on the top of the wrist – notifies users of incoming calls, texts, emails and app updates via notification icons. The Private message screen – located on the inside of the wrist – provides detailed information of texts, emails, bio data and other updates that can only be viewed by the user.
  2. Advanced Sensors to Track Data for Self Analysis
    The Razer Nabu has advanced sensors for data tracking, including location information, bio data feedback (steps walked, distance traveled, stairs climbed, etc.), sleep data, band-to-band communication and much more, collected on an opt-in basis for users to better understand and adjust their daily activity. An included utility app can customize the type of data collected and can set permissions for the data to be shared.
  3. The First Truly Social Wearable
    The Razer Nabu’s band-to-band communication abilities allows for social discovery. Find nearby friends, mutual acquaintances and more based on user-defined settings.

The collected data as well as pre-configured capabilities and gestures on the Razer Nabu will be available on an open development platform to allow first- and third-party developers to update existing apps or build new ones to create new types of personal and social experiences for Razer Nabu wearers and third-party app users.

The Razer Nabu comes with a downloadable utility app available on both iOS and Android devices — a one-stop destination for band settings, profile ID, notifications received, opt-in data, app synchronization and more.

The Razer Nabu will be available in late Q1 2014 (pricing is yet to be announced), while developers can sign up now and get the band at the developer’s price of US$49.

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