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The QX SATA SSD has a whopping 15.3TB storage, and it's made to order

By Liu Hongzuo - on 2 Sep 2020, 12:44pm

The QX SATA SSD has a whopping 15.3TB storage, and it's made to order

Want to go all out with your PC's SSD? Teamgroup is introducing the QX, a 2.5-inch SATA solid-state drive that uses 3D QLC (quad-level cell) flash memory - one of the latest flash storage technologies, and is capable of storing up to 15TBs' worth of data.

The QX can tolerate up to 2,560TB written (TBW) in its entire lifespan, with 560/480MB read-write speeds despite it being a mechanical hard drive. Several storage technologies are present to help ensure further reliability - for instance; it supports smart dual cache and SLC (single-level cell) caching, DRAM cache buffer on the storage end of things. The hardware itself is shock-resistant.

For power users, other QOL features are its support for Windows TRIM optimisation to keep the SSD ready for new incoming data, and its integrated error-correction code for higher reliability during data transfers.

At US$3,990, the QX isn't an SSD to sneeze at, but at least the option's for consumers there if you want a storage option that trivialises the 128GB and 256GB SSDs we usually see. The SSD is made-to-order and available now.

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