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Qualcomm’s chipset rebranding will see Snapdragon 888’s successor go by a new, simplified name

By Liu Hongzuo - on 1 Dec 2021, 6:59am

Qualcomm’s chipset rebranding will see Snapdragon 888’s successor go by a new, simplified name

Note: This article was first published on 23rd November 2021.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Tech Summit.

While Qualcomm does seem to be on track with its yearly release of flagship-grade processors for phones, it looks like the new processor for 2022 will no longer go by a three-digit model number or name.

Qualcomm’s latest blog post hints at a ‘new era for Snapdragon’, where the chipset maker will be “modernising, streamlining, and simplifying” Snapdragon products. Among the many changes, Qualcomm mentioned that its “mobile platforms will transition to a single-digit series and generation number, aligning with other product categories - starting with our newest flagship Snapdragon 8-series platform”.

This means that the three-digit naming system for its chipsets we’ve grown accustomed to (like Snapdragon 865 for 2020 flagships and Snapdragon 888 for 2021 flagships) are going by a single-digit number, moving forward. Qualcomm will be keeping the ‘8’, as it continues representing its flagship-range chipsets. From this, we can infer that its midrange and entry-level chipsets are likely “7”, “6” and “4” series respectively.

There are other major updates too. Qualcomm also said that “5G will be a given” for its Snapdragon connected platforms - so it’s understood that anything launching from this point onwards comes with 5G compatibility. Also, any gold colouration in its branding from this point onwards represents its premium product offering.

The annual Snapdragon Tech Summit by Qualcomm is taking place at the end of this month, where we typically see the brand announce next year’s processors - along with any changes and perks to its new SoCs.

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