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Qualcomm posts a bond of 1.34 billion euros to enforce iPhone ban in Germany

By Cookie Monster - on 5 Jan 2019, 12:00am

Qualcomm posts a bond of 1.34 billion euros to enforce iPhone ban in Germany

Sales of some iPhone models are officially halted in Germany after Qualcomm posted bonds of 1.34 billion euros as required for the German court order to be enforced. 

The German court ruled on 20 December that Apple infringed a hardware patent of Qualcomm and some iPhone models with the particular component could no longer be sold. The affected iPhone models include the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. 

Despite the court order and the sales ban coming into effect, Apple continues to offer all its iPhone models at thousands of retail and carrier locations across Germany. Kai Ruting, a Germany lawyer who is not involved in the case, told Reuters that the court order was directed at Apple entities rather than third parties. 

However, Qualcomm released a statement that affected iPhone models from third-party sellers in Germany have to be recalled. This is somewhat similar to what Apple did in China where Apple continues to sell the iPhones after issuing a software update. 

Nonetheless, Apple reportedly has strong arguments for the German’s court ruling to be reversed on appeal. Apple’s supplier Qorvo Inc, which the German court had ruled to have violated the Qualcomm’s patent, said that its chips did not violate the U.S version of the patent and that it was denied an opportunity to testify at the German hearing. If the court’s ruling is reversed, the bond of 1.34 billion euros will be used to compensate Apple for loss of sales during the period of the sales ban.

Source: Reuters

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